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Yinglan Laboratory Appearance in CHINAPLAS2016 with Multiple Innovative Technology

In April 25 to 28, 2016, Innovation Team of Advanced Polymer Processing, led the practice base of Production-Teaching-Research: GMF, Wenling Rising Sun Rotomolding Technology Co.Ltd and Shenzhen IKEA Intelligent Systems Co Ltd, bring three innovative technologies appear in CHINAPLAS again. It attracted the attention of domestic and foreign experts and business counterparts.

Yinglan laboratory launched the latest the three original technological achievements: the polymer melt differential 3D printer, melt differential electrospinning machine and melt differential film sample. These technologies have received great attention from the exhibitors, during the exhibition received thousands of relevant consultation.

Yinglan laboratory showed the model of Production-Teaching-Research, which was a new model in the exhibition and has become a fresh strong force. The model included theoretical innovation and prototype design and manufacture, and showed the final industrial innovation equipment. The members of team could provide industry professionals and business leaders from all aspects of the introduction of new technology principles and design, material selection, which was well received by the industry.

The new equipment and new technology have been recognized not only by the domestic industry professionals, but also attracted a large number of foreign counterparts and experts. They all stopped to experience the new products, especially the melt differential film sample. After their personally experience, they all turned from the initial suspicion into shock and couldn’t believe that the melt differential film sample can bear the weight of more than 100 kilograms. A foreign experter even exclaimed “amazing” after the experience.

The appearance had a wonderful curtain call, and thanks for your support and concern. The Yinglan Laboratory of Beijing University of Chemical Technology will continue to support GMF, Wenling Rising Sun Rotomolding Technology Co.Ltd, Shenzhen IKEA Intelligent Systems Co Ltd to growth with the ideals of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
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