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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Junior Party Branch and Changping Archive Party Branch “Red 1 + 1” Co-building Activities - “Traditional Festivals Public Brochure" Design Awarding Ceremony Was Successfully Held

At 10:00 on April 22, 2016,the traditional festivals public brochure design awarding ceremony jointly organized by college of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering undergraduate junior party branch and Changping District Archives party branch was successfully held in Conference Room 110 on the north campus.Lu Xiaozhu,deputy director of Changping district archive,Wang Feng,vice president of college of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Zhao Liyun,management section chief of Changping district archive,deputy chief Zhou Miao,and guidance teacher in the north campus in college of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering attended this ceremony.

Traditional festival public brochure design activity is part of the red "1 + 1" co-building activity organized by college of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate junior party branch and Changping archive party branch,this activity is a typical achievement to highlight in resources sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes of both sides in activity. The design collection activity lasted a month, participating students included the students in our east, north, and west campus, the students actively use their professional knowledge and skills to design many new forms, unique conception, full of good sense publicity brochures, which were praised by Changping District masses.

During the awards ceremony, the two sides leaders awarded the winning students, posed for pictures, and carried a discussion for the two sides further development. During the discussion, the students express their views, the leaders of two sides were also provided for a new idea to build cooperation, to offer the students more opportunities to use their expertise to exercise their comprehensive ability. At the meeting, teacher Wang Feng, vice president of electrical and mechanical engineering suggested that students can apply what they are learning such as graphics, layout and 3D design software provides support for Changping archives, furthermore,it can provide technical support in the new media to build cooperation platform. Changping district archives deputy Lu Xiaozhu said that can provide more opportunities to students that have innovative ideas, creativeness to practice, such as the new museum of Changping archives outer wall design, archives logo redesign,etc. In the harmonious atmosphere, the awards ceremony ended successfully, this event also build a solid foundation to carry further deepen activities for both sides.

list of winners
First prize:

"Remembrance of traditional&Changping big love" Author: Gong Xinyuan,Shen Ziyan
Second prize:
"Album and Bookmarks" Author: Zhu Xincheng, Sun Dingsheng Liu Tao
"Blue" Author: Ma Xiaomeng, Pu Xinyu, Wang Liye, Shen Ziyan, Guan Jiayi, Lu Yue
MAKA Design : Shen Qian Yi
Information pushing on the micro-channel platform: Ding Haojia
Third Prize:
"Classics" Author: Yuan Room
"Memories of tradition&into the Changping" Author: Zhao Yuqi
"Three-dimensional drawing book" Author: Li Sifei, Shi Liu
Memorial Award:
"Memoirs" Author: An Qi, Li Xiuye, Tang Jingyi, Tan Tai, Zhang Zuodong, Liu Jiarun, Li Leyi
"Low-poly" Author: Wang Xiangyi
"Moire" Author: Xu Xingyu
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